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Farm Show Complex

farm-showHarrisburg is home to the world’s “largest outdoor show.” The NRA Great American Outdoor Show is beginning two days from now and I for one, am very excited. It is not just us Harrisburg people who make the most of these festivities; my ex-wife — who has since moved to DuBois — is also coming. OK I could do without that but that’s just an example of how much people like it. Indeed, I hear that this excitement spreads throughout the nation with people coming from outside the state to enjoy the “hottest ticket in town.”

I personally go for the hunting exhibitions myself. But this event is also famous for its outdoor sports, fishing, safaris, adventure trails and other cool events. Well, it spans over 650,000 feet so there has to be a lot going on! I actually heard that this year there are going to be more than 1,100 exhibitors present. My oldest has already told me to be sure we have time to check out the Alaska BearFoot Outfitters because “that’s where I want to work when I leave school.”

The show lasts for nine days and tickets are priced at between $6 and $20. This year though, because I’m considering purchasing an NRA membership, it will be free for me. Membership for a year is only $35 and with that I’ll also get insurance, lots of invitations and so much more. I think it’s time I treated myself. I do love this kind of thing.

Do be sure to download GAOS 2016 (which I just did) so you can follow happenings and events as they occur. And just make sure you don’t miss this; from past experiences I can honestly say it’s the hugest thing to hit Harrisburg, past, present and future.