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Harrisburg’s Gift Shop

For both visitors and residents alike, Harrisburg’s Bare Wall Gift Shop is a must-see.  It’s a very cute store which is home to lots of different gifts ideas. But it is also a place where you’ll be privy to all sorts of interesting conversations.  Some Harrisburg residents have been shopping there for years – others just happen upon it after having walked past it without acknowledging its existence.

Whether its jewelry you’re looking for, cute cards, something to make your little ones smile or a gadget to make working in the kitchen easier, the Bare Wall Gift Shop has it all.  It must have something to it as today it ranks as the second top rated place to visit in Harrisburg.  Store managers Ronn and Bob have a reputation for being extremely helpful too; just ask them for help if you need something particular.

As well as getting something great to take home or give to a friend at the Bare Wall Gift Shop, you will be privy to the latest Harrisburg news from old-timers Ronn and Bob.  It’s for sure become a part of Harrisburg culture.