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Jazzing Things Up

Things are getting jazzed up for the folk of Harrisburg as the town’s Jazz and Multi-Cultural Festival comes on board.  And what better time to do it than the 4th July weekend?  There will be tons of food stands, different types of entertainment and more. Just go along to Front Street and start celebrating this true style festival.


Although is it?  It seems that in comparison to years gone by, this year’s festival isn’t exactly the noise-maker for which it has been traditionally known.   Indeed, one just needs to take a look at which vendors are present to see just how low key this year’s event is going to be.  In fact, around 50 percent of those vendors that were at the event last year, just didn’t show up this year.  According to a Fox news article, this was due to the additional fees they were “being charged to set up shop.”  According to game vendor Donna Goodling, this additional fees are making people “think twice,” about setting up at the festival.


Of course, the ones who end up suffering are the Harrisburg public who look forward to this event.  As Harrisburg resident Valerie Waller laments, “I used to buy a chicken on a stick and it was 4 dollars and now it’s 6 dollars.”  For sure the bargains that used to be available and are now no longer in such big supply, makes it tougher for everyone.  But if the fees are increasing for the vendors, of course they too have to put up their prices which renders it a lose-lose situation for everyone.


In addition, since the festival is now only two days (as opposed to three), the vendors really feel like they’re getting shot in the foot since they are being charged extra, and getting less.  For additional info on the festival, visit: www.harrisburgevents.com/Events/Jass_Fest.htm.


Heavy Harrisburg Storms

Managing Harrisburg’s May Weather

At the end of May, the city of Harrisburg, PA, encountered substantial storms causing damage in certain areas including destroyed trees as well as “deep street water in low lying areas.”  There were substantial rain storms and thunder that really impacted the city, to such an extent that public services were required including the city police, fire and public works departments.  It seemed that Front Street was most affected as well as the mid-town and uptown areas.  But things were not looking that pretty for Green Street or Division Street either which had to be closed.  It is anticipated that Harrisburg will be encountering prolonged power outages too, which of course have also led to traffic problems.  Many of the city’s traffic lights will just be flashing so Harrisburg inhabitants have been advised to only drive if absolutely necessary.  Even though the worst of the damage from the storm is now over, there is still the matter of clean-up to consider.

Calmer Seas Ahead for Harrisburg

Now though, it looks like things will be heating up in the Harrisburg, PA area.  Indeed, it looks like the temperature in the region is set to rise in the next few days, with highs reaching into the 90s.  By the end of the week, it will cool down but it is unlikely that the area will have to encounter yet another tough storm so Harrisburg residents can continue on their day-to-day activities as normal.  Still, even if the temperature is on the rise, there is still the possibility of winds and clouds so it might not be quite time to head out for a picnic.