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Kids Back at School

First+Day+of+School+back_to_school_family_cartoonFinally the kids are back at school. I don’t mean to be a terrible mom or anything but yay! The kids are back at school. It’s just so hard sometimes. The demands are so great. I only have two yet it seems like at least one of them always wants something! I can’t even imagine how it is for people with more than four kids.

So for my first day “off,” I just sat and vegged. I brewed myself a wonderful pot of Starbucks Medium Roast Breakfast Blend, put my feet up and turned on my iPad. I then proceeded to spend the next two hours, completely enwrapped in funny YouTube movies to enjoy my escapism.

The cutest one I found was Baby Got Class. Boy did I laugh. Can’t wait to show that one to Daniel when he gets home! Plus, it took away some of my guilt at feeling like a bad mom. It seems like I’m not the only one who was excited for the first day of school!

Well, here’s to happy days at school and relaxing, quiet days at home for mom!

Summer: Things to Do with Kids in Harrisburg

WigglesIt’s not so easy figuring out how to keep one’s kids occupied for the whole summer.  That’s probably why my ex-wife has sent the three boys to me for a fortnight!  But I’m determined to make the most of it.  So I’ve been scouring the papers and the web for things to do with kids in Harrisburg in August.  So far I’ve taken the little one to Preschool story-time at Wildwood Park where he got sticky fingers making a bunch of cute crafts.  Then the other two joined us in the park just hanging out. I was surprised how much they all enjoyed the play time in the park.  I must take them again because it’s really beautiful out there.

Today there’s also The Wiggles. I’m not sure if my kids are really too old for this but the little one for sure wants to go.  He keeps saying “Wiggles, Wiggles, watch me giggle” and runs around giggling! It’s really cute.  His older brothers might enjoy just watching him watch it.  Anyway we don’t have tickets yet but we may take a stroll down to the Hershey Theatre later on and see what the situation is as we have nothing else planned for the day.

So it’s true.  It’s not easy to find things to do with kids in Harrisburg, or indeed anywhere during the summer. Stuff is expensive and crowded.  But with a bit of research and a good attitude, we may just manage to enjoy the last two weeks of the school vacation.

A Treat for the Kids

There was so much I wanted to do with the kids over the holiday season.  I really wanted to make it special for them.  So I was particularly happy that I found out about the Popcorn Hat Players Children’s Theatre performing at Harrisburg’s Gamut Classic Theatre.  I knew they would all love it, so off we went.

It really was incredible.  We all very much got into the Christmas holiday spirit with this very humorous, entertaining show.  There was a real sense of Christmas in it but it was also modernized which made it even more enjoyable.  My little one got such a kick out of Santa Claus himself showing up, right in the middle; a surprise to us all, but especially fun for him.

It was probably the first time the two little ones ever went to a theatre before. That’s what’s so amazing about this group – it really makes the theatre accessible to the whole family.  We’ll definitely be coming again.  In fact, the little one kept asking as we left when we’d be coming back again!

Harrisburg Kids’ Activities

I had a few ideas for this weekend for the kids, but in the end none of them seemed appropriate since the kids seemed particularly tired and asked if they could just chill out at home.  I was pretty happy about that actually because it showed that they are really getting comfortable in my home – something I was initially concerned about.  So we had a nice, relaxing time and I started looking into stuff for the next time they can.

My middle kid loves music so I was thrilled when I found out about the 96th Pennsylvania Farm Show, which is inviting kids to show off their musical talents after the New Year.  It really is kids from 8-18, but I think my youngest – being pretty tall – can pass for an 8-year old, providing they’re not so stringent on the age-thing. It’s set to take place at Harrisburg’s Expo Center.

I’m really proud of him actually.  He’s a good kid and it seems the divorce hasn’t affected him so much. I’m so glad he has his brothers – that for sure helps them all – but the fact that he’s always trying to do well and achieve something new, is really great and I’m glad the problems me and my ex had don’t seem to be affecting him too badly.

So that was my weekend; quiet but way nicer with the kids than being alone.