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Munching on Muncheese


What a great name for a restaurant, especially if you’re a cheese lover like me – Muncheese!  New in town, I decided to take myself along there this afternoon as the kids left this morning, I am still on vacation from work, and I really didn’t welcome the idea of being alone the rest of the day.

Located on Second Street, Muncheese specializes in everything grilled-cheese.  You can have grilled cheese on all different types of bread (from pretzel rolls to white bread) and then choose your cheese (pepperjack, provolone and more). So it’s pretty cool; you start off by choosing your cheese, then your bread and then add finally some meats!  I took cheddar cheese on rye and added turkey bacon and boy was it good!


Next time – if I ever get a date – I may bring someone here and share the grilled cheese for two. That looks really delicious!