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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

walkingOr just in Harrisburg, if Harrisburg residents have anything to do with it. He seems to be on a mission to make our city more walk-friendly. There were a bunch of people who came to the City Hall meeting a couple of weeks ago to discuss how to shape the future of our city. And it seemed that making it a more walkable-friendly hood was quite a popular one.

Another idea was to incorporate the old Bishop McDevitt stadium into Reservoir Park. Cornelius Johnson argued that this would “create opportunities for musical concerts and festivals that could generate tourism and summer jobs.”

I personally backed the idea of building refreshment kiosks along the Riverfront Park. It’s a perfect place for me when my kids come to visit. But if there was food available for purchase too, that would give a whole additional new element to our visits.

Anyway whatever eventually goes down I think it’s just fabulous that people are taking such an interest in improving facilities and options throughout our city.