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Circus Time in Harrisburg

Last week in Harrisburg it was circus time!  Piccadilly Circus may be famous for its deep hive of socializing and shopping in the London, UK area, but in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, last week it took on an altogether different meaning.   Those who had time to pay a visit to the Zembo Shrine were privy to some top acts from the Piccadilly Circus which made its fourth stop with its new show.  There were lots of elephants, a bunch of ponies and even some camels partaking in the show.  According to Martin Espana, Circus Daredevil, it is important that this very American tradition is kept up.  Going to the circus is a real event for all the family and it certainly is a bit different to going to the movies or out to dinner.  For those who were lucky enough to get a front seat, they could probably hear the elephants breathing as they would have been sitting a mere three feet away from the action!

The Piccadilly Circus travels eight to ten months out of the year and the performers say that it is always exciting and fun for them – no matter how often they repeat their acts.  As well as the animals, there are biking acts (very talented people on bikes going upside down, etc.), walking blindfolded (called the wheel of death) and more.

If you missed it last week, watch this space for details for when the Piccadilly Circus will be coming back to Harrisburg town.