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Where I’ll be Watching the Super Bowl

Of course, even though my team isn’t playing, I plan on watching today’s Super Bowl.  The question I’ve been pondering though for a few days now is, where will I choose to watch it?  I don’t want to sit alone at home for the game, and no-one has invited me to theirs for a party or anything and Dani certainly isn’t interested in watching it and the boys are with their mom so…

I found out that Harrisburg’s Lancaster Brewing Company – where I’ve actually never been – is putting on some festivity for the Super Bowl.  Actually what really clinched it for me was the fact that the venue is offering half-price wings during the game as well as English pints at a reduced price of $3.25 and I certainly love my beer and wings. One of my colleagues had also mentioned a few weeks ago he’d gone there with a few friends and in general the food – American cuisine – is excellent.  So I’m quite looking forward to it actually.

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