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New Park?

I just heard about the proposal to make a new park in the neighborhood. I wasn’t too excited about it initially as I figured, it’s not like my kids are small and need a park in the vicinity when they come to stay. But then I heard that the proposed Harrisburg Central Park as it is being dubbed is set to include all sorts of cool things like a swimming pool, band stand, skate park and more.  Now that really could be a lot of fun.

So I started to read a little bit more about it and how realistic the project is (i.e., if it’s going to be up and running in my lifetime!).  Run by the Harrisburg Days Foundation (which has been working on this for a staggering four years already! First I’ve heard of it…) they are arguing that given how much the population of Harrisburg has grown in recent times, such a park could potentially bring everyone together and develop a true sense of community.  With a cool park like this, it’s a reason for everyone to engage in activities together; something the city really is lacking.

So now I’m pretty psyched about this.  I just hope it really does go ahead.  I won’t say anything to the kids though yet; I want to make sure it’s really happening before I get them excited about it.