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Kids Missing Snow

Despite the fact that I felt like the boys and I had all had a fun weekend, when they got back to their mom, they discovered they’d missed the snow.  In Beaver Falls (where they live most of the time), there was snow on Saturday.  My kids LOVE the snow. I mean, I know that kids generally love snow but my kids are just crazy about.  So it kind of put a damper on the time they spent with me as they weren’t happy they’d missed it by being with me. Of course, their mother wasn’t too pleased either because it didn’t make for top driving conditions; indeed, in western Pennsylvania traffic accidents shut down Interstate 70 and Interstate 279 South lanes.  The city thus got up to 7 inches of snow!

But, alas, by the time they got home, it was all gone.  There were just some light showers left which didn’t make anyone happy.  So of course they blame me. And that obviously makes my ex happy.  Still, I’m trying to tell myself that kids will be kids and they’re just a bit frustrated for now and by the time I see them again they’ll be over it.  Here’s hoping.

Tropical Storm Lee Flooding

Finally it looks like Harrisburg residents will be able to go home.  Following the Tropical Storm Lee flooding, tens of thousands of the residents who were evacuated at the time were told it was safe for them to return home, last Saturday.   At the time it was such a tough flood, reports claimed that it was the worst in nearly 40 years, since Hurricane Agnes.

Evacuees Return Home

Before the notice came for these individuals to return home, the evacuation order was lifted in northeastern Pennsylvania for up to 60,000 (of the 70,000 residents) in and around Wilkes-Barre to return home.  The Susquehanna River’s level was receding during this time.  Thereafter, more were given the go-ahead on Saturday as well as Sunday.

Deaths from Flooding

According to Gov. Tom Corbett, there have been at least seven deaths resulting from the storm.  As well, around five deaths were said to be “storm-related.”  However, good news is finally in sight as Corbett said at a Harrisburg news conference, “it appears no that the worst of the flooding is over.”  He has requested President Obama declare a “major disaster in the flooded counties.”

Other Damage

Along with the deaths, there have been other issues that have arisen as a result of the flood.  Finally, things have taken their toll.  Indeed, Stephen Bekanich, Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency Director, estimated damage to be in the tens of millions.  Harrisburg is still experiencing problems due to the falling river.  Officials are still attempting to restore power while crews attempted to repair damage from the storm.

Impact on Harrisburg

Given that there are various roadways closed in the region, this will impact the people of Harrisburg as well.  The city’s mayor assured that power will be restored to city residents.  Still, around 2,300 residences “remained without power.”  But Harrisburg residents can be assured that water will be sent to them – 800,000 gallons of fresh water per day to American Water will be “distributed to metropolitan and suburban areas where fresh water was in short supply. City reservoir water levels remain high and were not affected by the flood.”

Slowly, things are returning to normal for Harrisburg residents.  It’s going to take time, but the city and its officials are taking care of things following Tropical Storm Lee and its repercussions.

Graduating: Once, Twice, Third Time Lucky

Harrisburg High School Graduate Hears Name

It took three times but Justin Kanowicz finally heard his name called and received his diploma from Harrisburg High School. The first two attempts at the graduation failed due to a threat of storms and then storm clouds which sent students away without their diplomas. Finally, as Penn Live reported, the third attempt worked and 324 students graduated in a ceremony held at the school’s gymnasium.
While a lot of students see graduation as a beginning of the new part of their lives, Durrell Burns said something quite contrary to that, when he said it was more like a “goodbye for now,” as he has “every intention of coming back one day,” after his time at Millersville University where he wants to train as a teacher.

Well, Harrisburg isn’t the worst place to come back to, so it makes sense Burns doesn’t really want to leave forever. Since he had such a good time out of his time at Harrisburg High School, it would make sense that he would want to make a real – paid – career out of it. The school has a great reputation and it seems like Burns would feel honored to “give back” some of what he gained from his experience there in the capacity of a social studies teacher and then ultimately principal, which is his long-term goal.

Heavy Harrisburg Storms

Managing Harrisburg’s May Weather

At the end of May, the city of Harrisburg, PA, encountered substantial storms causing damage in certain areas including destroyed trees as well as “deep street water in low lying areas.”  There were substantial rain storms and thunder that really impacted the city, to such an extent that public services were required including the city police, fire and public works departments.  It seemed that Front Street was most affected as well as the mid-town and uptown areas.  But things were not looking that pretty for Green Street or Division Street either which had to be closed.  It is anticipated that Harrisburg will be encountering prolonged power outages too, which of course have also led to traffic problems.  Many of the city’s traffic lights will just be flashing so Harrisburg inhabitants have been advised to only drive if absolutely necessary.  Even though the worst of the damage from the storm is now over, there is still the matter of clean-up to consider.

Calmer Seas Ahead for Harrisburg

Now though, it looks like things will be heating up in the Harrisburg, PA area.  Indeed, it looks like the temperature in the region is set to rise in the next few days, with highs reaching into the 90s.  By the end of the week, it will cool down but it is unlikely that the area will have to encounter yet another tough storm so Harrisburg residents can continue on their day-to-day activities as normal.  Still, even if the temperature is on the rise, there is still the possibility of winds and clouds so it might not be quite time to head out for a picnic.