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Laughter Returns to Harrisburg

I just found out that Eclipse and Mars just re-opened in Harrisburg.  It’s been a while since it was last around – in fact, way before my time – but now it’s all the rage and locals are very excited about the cool, improved clubs – Second Street Comedy Club and Buddha Buddha!  Different titles for sure, but similar ideas I hear.

I could for sure do with some comedy and that’s exactly what the former is going to offer, located above the Harrisburg Hardware Bar.  Food and laughter – that’s about as perfect a combination as you can get as far as I’m concerned.  Monthly they are going to feature top talent like Josh Blue, “the comedian who puts the cerebral in cerebral palsy,” who will be the grand-opening star.  What’s nice too is that all proceeds from the $10 tickets will be donated to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund, so while we’re having a laugh, we can feel good about it too!