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Christmas Things to Do with Kids in Harrisburg

fire-engineSo given that the ex is going to be with the kids over Christmas, I decided to find out what there was to do to celebrate the festivities prior to that.  The kids arrive today. When I heard about the event at the Pennsylvania National Fire Museum, I was delighted!  I mean, what boys don’t love fire engines and stuff?

From December 15 the museum hosted a new exhibit with a cool collection of artifacts from the hand-drawn equipment of history to the modern tools used today.  This is in the 1899 Victorian firehouse Reily Hose Company No. 10.  Fire equipment and fire company operations during the Civil War period throughout the museum will be highlighted. There will also be fire companies in the Commonwealth, military units composted of firefighters, firehouse mascots and major incidents which occurred around Penn. We’ll also get to see the 1840 Agnew hand pumper owned by the Undine Fire Company of Bellefonte. It’s sure to be a hit.  I think we’ll go tomorrow.

Apparently Santa is also coming for a visit.  And even if he doesn’t show up, there are plenty of other places to find him.  I don’t think any of my kids are too old for sitting on Santa’s knee…because I know for sure that I’m not.

Here’s to a very merry Christmas from me and the kids from Harrisburg.  Stay warm now.