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Super Bowl Fun

I managed to get over my upset yesterday – having found out about horrible crime in the city – and enjoy my time at the Lancaster Brewing Company where I watched the Super Bowl.  The crowd was great – they got really into it actually – and in general it was a fun atmosphere.  The wings were amazing at the Brewery too.  In fact, they were so good that I wouldn’t care paying full-price!  Maybe even Dani will come with me one time…if only just for the wings. I noticed signs there for their Valentine’s Day celebrations – suggesting to make reservations now – but I didn’t want to be so presumptuous as to book the place before having discussed it with her. It might be a bit “manly” for her and not romantic enough…we’ll have to see. I certainly don’t want to mess up my first Valentine’s Day with her!

The bbq wings came with something called a broiled jumbo lump cake (which was amazing), fries and coleslaw which had more mayonnaise than veggies – my perfect slaw – and the beer was cheap too. So price- and taste-wise I certainly had no complaints.

Next time I go though – with or without Dani – I will definitely sample some of the other beers on offer as there are a lot (including: Fest Beer Amber Lager; Goldstar Pilsner; Litening Lager; Celtic Rose and then a bunch of seasonal ones to choose from too).

So the Patriots lost – truthfully I wasn’t bothered who won or lost – but it was a fun night with really great food and now I’ve discovered another cool hangout in Harrisburg!  Things are for sure getting better and easier for me in my now-not-so-new home!

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