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Farm Show Freebie Fun

The kids were with me over the weekend which is always a little bittersweet.  I mean, of course I look forward to seeing them, but I usually get a bit stressed before they come as I worry if they are going to have a good time and what kind of mood they will be in.  And then I get sad as Sunday night approaches and I know it’ll soon be time for them to leave.  Still, we had the Farm Show at least to look forward to so I had a planned activity with them.

The show was incredibly kid-oriented. First, there was a guy running around with a bag of goodies and freebies for everyone – that sure put a smile on all my kids’ faces.  If you’re a bargain-hunter (which I’m not) you can really find a ton of great stuff.  Zach picked up a funky Superman ruler so he was happy.

Once we got home, the kids were comparing all the free stuff they got which kept them busy for ages.  Then it was time for pizza!  We ordered two large pies from Mama’s Pizza and then set down to watch a movie that, surprisingly, we actually all enjoyed – Home Alone 2.  So, all in all it was a fun weekend which went down very smoothly; I was incredibly grateful for that.  Now I just have to see how I can amuse myself tonight so that I don’t wallow in my sadness that they’ve left.

Getting Back to Nature with the Kids

So, the time finally arrived for the 96th Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show.  The kids had been talking about it for a while, especially as Zach, the little one, was going to be performing.  I knew I would have fun, if only for the fact that it’s time I get to spend with my kids.  I missed them last weekend.  Well, truthfully I always miss them.

I really got a taste of agriculture here.  We were there first thing in the morning (it opened at 8am) and stayed the whole day.  We wanted to get there on the first day, because Zach was playing and anyway  I’m often at a loss for things to do on a Saturday with them that they can all enjoy.  And they really did.  Adam and Jake were also extremely proud of their younger brother.

Apart from the performance, Zach LOVED the animals – there were more than 6,000 of them! I enjoyed the exhibitions and Adam got such a laugh out of the huge butter sculpture!  Can you imagine that?  It used close to a thousand pounds of butter.  Everyone wanted to take a look at that, but, I parked myself in a good location as we got there so early. A guy called Jim Victor of Conshohocken constructed it; he started the project a couple of weeks ago!  He does cheese and chocolate sculptures too; now that might be something I could really get my teeth into!

Let’s just hope all weekends with the kids are like this.  It truly was a lot of fun and everyone felt good at the end of the day.