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Harrisburg Kids’ Activities

I had a few ideas for this weekend for the kids, but in the end none of them seemed appropriate since the kids seemed particularly tired and asked if they could just chill out at home.  I was pretty happy about that actually because it showed that they are really getting comfortable in my home – something I was initially concerned about.  So we had a nice, relaxing time and I started looking into stuff for the next time they can.

My middle kid loves music so I was thrilled when I found out about the 96th Pennsylvania Farm Show, which is inviting kids to show off their musical talents after the New Year.  It really is kids from 8-18, but I think my youngest – being pretty tall – can pass for an 8-year old, providing they’re not so stringent on the age-thing. It’s set to take place at Harrisburg’s Expo Center.

I’m really proud of him actually.  He’s a good kid and it seems the divorce hasn’t affected him so much. I’m so glad he has his brothers – that for sure helps them all – but the fact that he’s always trying to do well and achieve something new, is really great and I’m glad the problems me and my ex had don’t seem to be affecting him too badly.

So that was my weekend; quiet but way nicer with the kids than being alone.