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Harrisburg Weekend Activities for Lonely Single Dads

I always start getting a little sad as the day draws in on a Thursday if the kids aren’t coming to stay for the weekend.  But, at the same time, in order to prevent myself from spiraling down into a depressive state, I start checking out what is going on locally. Unless of course I have a date, which, these days isn’t so often – I guess I’m hitting what they call in the dating world, a “dry spell.” Now that I’m back on “the scene” as it were, I’m learning lots of new phrases that I wish I didn’t have to become educated on.  But, alas, I must move on and resume some positive thinking.

I could join up with my group.  I recently discovered the Amici group which meets up near Harrisburg.  It was set up to help people develop interpersonal skills and relationships.  According to the ex, Joanne, I sure need some help in that area. And my therapist Michelle – although she doesn’t say it outright – seems to be in agreement with her.  So what I like most about the group is that it is non-judgmental and is a real way of getting out the house when I am stuck for something to do; it seems to give me that extra push that I need.  Everyone comes from a different place – and Amici seems to be the real equalizer for us.   I must check the schedule as they may have one of their dinners coming up over the weekend which is always a fun and relaxing way to spend a Friday or Saturday night. For those few hours I really don’t feel alone.

I also feel a sense of belonging at Amici.  There are some great people who go and everyone is just nice.  Yeah, I think I need a bit of that energy injection this weekend.  And then hopefully that will give me the strength to go optimistically into next week so that I can be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for when the kids come.

Hope you have a good one too! Best, Alex.