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Kids Missing Snow

Despite the fact that I felt like the boys and I had all had a fun weekend, when they got back to their mom, they discovered they’d missed the snow.  In Beaver Falls (where they live most of the time), there was snow on Saturday.  My kids LOVE the snow. I mean, I know that kids generally love snow but my kids are just crazy about.  So it kind of put a damper on the time they spent with me as they weren’t happy they’d missed it by being with me. Of course, their mother wasn’t too pleased either because it didn’t make for top driving conditions; indeed, in western Pennsylvania traffic accidents shut down Interstate 70 and Interstate 279 South lanes.  The city thus got up to 7 inches of snow!

But, alas, by the time they got home, it was all gone.  There were just some light showers left which didn’t make anyone happy.  So of course they blame me. And that obviously makes my ex happy.  Still, I’m trying to tell myself that kids will be kids and they’re just a bit frustrated for now and by the time I see them again they’ll be over it.  Here’s hoping.