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Getting Back to Basics

I was never really one for being earthy or growing my own potatoes – that was more left to the ex-wife – but the kids have been showing a lot of interest recently and I want to encourage them in something as positive as this.  So I was really happy to learn about the nearby BeeHaven Roadside Market.  Set up by Rick and Jennifer Rutherford this past summer, I paid a visit to this cute oldsy-world general store and actually surprised myself by the delight and joy I experienced.

For me it was like taking a walk back into my childhood with the hand-printed sales signs, old ice-boxes housing eggs and meats, etc.  But for my kids, it was something altogether new and they got such a kick out of the whole encounter, especially when they noticed the candy sticks and other classic treats I remember from way back when.

All the stuff is sold by the locals – anyone who has made something they feel is worth selling and the whole store is just getting increasingly popular as the months go by.  There’s such a pleasant energy there, a feeling of being transported back to a simpler time, when one just sold a few goods in their store until teatime when they had made enough to live for the day.  Oh how things have changed.

True, it is unlikely that the Rutherfords will be able to retire with the money they make from this venture, but the BeeHaven Roadside Market will probably become the talk of many dinner party conversations in Harrisburg.

“We have gathered what we feel like is the best products from local vendors, ranchers and farmers,” said Jennifer. “It gives them another place to market their products. Out here, every opportunity helps.”