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Harrisburg Clubs for Comedy

gottfriedI feel like I need a bit of a laugh.  I’m tired and I’ve had a long summer. Things at work have been challenging.  In addition the kids were pretty bored when they spent a couple of weeks with me.  That got stressful. So now that things are back to normal, I want to do something for me and something that will take my mind off things.  Harrisburg clubs have definitely improved in the last few years so I’m excited to check out what’s going on.

I was glad to see that Gilbert Gottfried is performing this week at the one of Harrisburg clubs.  The Second Street Comedy Club also hosted Carmen Lynch last Saturday and I know that was a real hit. But I particularly liked Gottfried when he was a Saturday Night Live cast member so I’m sure it’ll be a blast.

I know that he’s been criticized for his somewhat dark humor at times (true, he probably did go over the top with the 9/11 digs) but I feel like it’s just what I need right now.  So I’m going to see if some of my mates want to join me this Saturday. Here’s hoping for a good laugh this coming weekend.  I sure do need it.