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Harrisburg Getting New City Hall?

It seems a bit strange, given all the recent budgetary dilemmas the city of Harrisburg has been facing, to now make plans for a somewhat pricey new city hall.  But that is exactly what news on the streets is; the city has revealed tis plans for such a construction at an expense of $3m.  It was earlier this week – during a city council meeting – that plans for the new building which will comprise a community room, police department, a new city council chamber and more, were brought to light.

New Building Necessity

So the question may thus justifiably be asked, why is it so important to engage in such an expensive construction, especially given the city’s current financial woes?  Well, apparently, predictions indicate that the city’s populace is due to increase by 10,000 individuals over the next decade-and-a-half and this move is just one part of the growth preparation. The current venue for Harrisburg’s city hall – the American Legion – just won’t cut it with such a large population growth.

According to Toby Morris, a Harrisburg financial consultant, funds will be taken from an existing sales tax or a new tax.