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Immigration Showdown in Harrisburg

It’s going to be a tough few days in the Capitol, as Pennsylvania House State Government Committee Majority Chairman Representative Daryl Metcalfe will be holding two public hearings to focus on the “National Security Begins at Home” legislative package.

Immigration Reform a Must

Metcalfe believes passionately in immigration reform, saying that going to battle against the 140,000 illegal immigrants in Pennsylvania alone could possibly safe tax payers large sums.  He has called an executive order from President Barack Obama “treasonous” and he’s definitely got both sides of the argument coming out in full force.

Prior to the meeting, one staff member joked to the Harrisburg press corps that they should “Bring your flak jacket.”

No Immigration Reform, Say Some

Pro-immigration groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and some state legislators and immigration activities held a press conference before the hearing on Tuesday.  Andy Hoover, the legislative director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania was quoted as saying, “Apparently, undermining the constitution and sabotaging our economy begins at the state capitol. These bills would be a disaster for the commonwealth.”

Time will tell which side wins – but it is certainly going to be an interesting fight and one well worth watching!