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Harrisburg Education System Gets Green Thumbs Up

Instead of just learning the theory behind gardens and plants, a local elementary school in the Harrisburg region is going to be able to actually get their fingers green and take their studying outside into the garden.  As part of the Delta Garden Study program, students from Harrisburg Middle School will be forming an understanding of exactly how plants are grown, through their outdoor science class on a twice weekly basis.

School-Grown Harrisburg Veggies

So the students will be planting a whole slew of different vegetables during their science class, including broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and cabbage.  As well, they will be responsible for all the necessary maintenance such as the chicken coop.  Clearly this has been working a treat and the kids are really taking it seriously as they have already named the chickens!  It’s likely that the students will take this to the next step and develop healthy eating habits as well.  So while they’re getting an education, at the same time they’re developing healthier eating habits and getting a bit of a physical workout too!  It’s so  much more than play time; it’s a whole new approach to life, learning and exercise.

Harrisburg Middle School is hosting “dig day” on October 14th, where students take part in expanding the garden by two-thirds.