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Harrisburg Opera

Last night my girlfriend – yes the lady I’ve been seeing for the past few weeks informed me of our new titles for each other – went to hear the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra.  By the way, I don’t think I mentioned this in my previous post, but her name is Danielle, Dani for short.    Anyway she was telling me all about it and I realized that if I want to keep this relationship going then I’ll have to boost my culture a little to keep her impressed.

So the star of the opera was a woman called Di Wu who played Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concert through her very own interpretation.  Dani told me she loved it.   Apparently this has been played over and over again since it was first created 144 years ago, but Di Wu had something outstanding to add.  It was said that she didn’t play the piece, but she “flow[ed] through it.”  Dani said it was a real treat and she would have loved me to have been there.

Well, that of course made me happy – the part about her wanting me to be there – but I was a bit concerned about how much she seems to know about opera and how many gaps there are in my culture knowledge.  Still, I guess I can try to show enthusiasm and then see where that goes.  As long as I show an interest in my “girlfriend’s” hobbies that should be enough.  At least, I hope it is.