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Getting in Some Harrisburg Culture

The summer seems to be ending.  But that does not necessarily mean that all the fun has to stop as well.  Indeed, there is still a lot happening in Harrisburg now and in the near future.  For those wanting a bit of culture, the Theatre Harrisburg has a lot on offer right now.  While the summer is bowing out, Christmas is on its way and next month you can already start getting into the spirit of the holiday with the performance, ‘A Christmas Story,’ by Leigh Brown, Bob Clark and Jean Shepherd, produced with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois.

Located at 513 Hurlock Street, Harrisburg, the Theatre Harrisburg has a reputation for entertaining the whole family.  A Christmas Story is no different.  This is the original version of the popular movie classic and will give everyone a warm feeling in time for the holidays.  Playing between 4-20 November, this will be a perfect jump start to the upcoming Christmas holiday, appropriate for the entire family.