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Graduating: Once, Twice, Third Time Lucky

Harrisburg High School Graduate Hears Name

It took three times but Justin Kanowicz finally heard his name called and received his diploma from Harrisburg High School. The first two attempts at the graduation failed due to a threat of storms and then storm clouds which sent students away without their diplomas. Finally, as Penn Live reported, the third attempt worked and 324 students graduated in a ceremony held at the school’s gymnasium.
While a lot of students see graduation as a beginning of the new part of their lives, Durrell Burns said something quite contrary to that, when he said it was more like a “goodbye for now,” as he has “every intention of coming back one day,” after his time at Millersville University where he wants to train as a teacher.

Well, Harrisburg isn’t the worst place to come back to, so it makes sense Burns doesn’t really want to leave forever. Since he had such a good time out of his time at Harrisburg High School, it would make sense that he would want to make a real – paid – career out of it. The school has a great reputation and it seems like Burns would feel honored to “give back” some of what he gained from his experience there in the capacity of a social studies teacher and then ultimately principal, which is his long-term goal.