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Flash Mob in Harrisburg

So I just spoke to my kids today after they got home from school about their weekend.  What an adventure they seemed to have had!  Joanne had taken them to the Harrisburg Mall for a spot of shopping (for her I suspect) and then a bite to eat. Just after they finished eating, a flash mob appeared!  They had absolutely no idea this was going to happen and were completely in shock. In fact, they had been so absorbed in their burgers, they didn’t even notice how strangely quiet the mall seemed to be for a Sunday afternoon or a bunch of kids decked out in bright orange shirts.

Moments later, Reel 2 Real song ‘I Like to Move It’ started blaring out from some speakers right by the movie theater.  The orange-shirt-clad-kids (it seemed from their description that there were some adults amongst them too), thereafter began moving and boogeying along to the music!

It sure was a first for my kids to see a real live flash mob.  They’ve heard about them and watched them on YouTube, but never actually seem them “in real life” as my 7-year-old enthusiastically said.  Well, good for them.  They can tick that off their “things to do while I’m alive” list!