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AirTran Airways Bids Farewell to Harrisburg

Of course, it doesn’t really affect me because it’s not like I’m a business traveler or anything. But the news that AirTran Airways is going to stop flying to and from Harrisburg airport, will be affecting my parents who try to come twice a year from Florida.  This is exactly the route that is being ceased.  The reason that has been given was “significantly higher fuel costs,” which didn’t surprise me but still irritated me.  I don’t know what my parents will do now.  As it is it is getting harder for them to travel due to the fact that they are aging.

But at least it’s not going to go into affect until the middle of August.  So we have a few months still.  And they were planning on coming in June next so we have that one covered.  After that we’ll just have to see.  No point in worrying about it now.