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Let Your Harrisburg Garden Grow

It’s great to make meals with fresh ingredients. It’s even greater if these are to be found right outside! Well, apparently that’s exactly what’s been happening in our neighborhood. According to a recent Penn Live article, chefs all around Harrisburg – as well as the layman just wanting to make a nice tomato and basil salad from home grown herb plants – are now picking “herbs and vegetables from a garden beside the Olmstead Building, home to Stacks Market, the campus food court.” This is where Paul Motter is the head chef. The garden was planted by the campus Conservation Committee but is now available for use Motter is head chef there. The campus Conservation Committee developed and planted the garden, which students, professors and staff can also use.

According to assistance director of Housing and Food Services Greg Schiavoni, the garden is “sustainable, fresh and healthy.” Much produce can be found in the 25 by 45 foot garden, including parsley, chives, eggplants, dill, rosemary, thyme, peppers and more. As well, recycled materials were used and a home-made looking trellis ties four tree branches together. Planters have been made from old trash receptacles.

For those eating in the Penn State Harrisburg food court, there is encouragement to “compost appropriate foods and the compost eventually helps the herb garden.” So clearly, the garden in Harrisburg is set to benefit everyone…and looks to the future to protect the environment as well.