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Crime at Shady McGrady’s Bar

Over the weekend, at 5 am on Saturday morning, Shady McGrady’s bar was broken into and an attempt was made to burn it down.  It will be at least a month before it opens again. And that’s thanks to the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire that managed to put the fire out before the place was totally burned down.

But it seems this isn’t going to be put off the regulars, like Charlie Debrenner who frequents the bar every Saturday, drinks his two beers, and then heads home.  He brought lawn chairs, his sons Ben and Andy, and a case of beer down to Shady McGrady’s and continued with his tradition, exchanging laughter, chit-chat and beer-sipping.

It was the kind of place that people would frequent during power outages as McGrady’s always stayed open. It was more than just a place to enjoy a beer (with 80 different types on tap) – women would sing and people felt like it was a community hang-out.  So now they’re passing around pretzels on the lawn until the reopening.