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Summer Harrisburg Clubs for Kids

canooeingIt’s time to think about the summer. The kids are with me for a long stretch of time and I simply don’t have the cash to take them away anywhere. So I’ve just started looking around for local options. Thankfully there seem to be a few.

Clubs in the region will be opening ponds, streams and grounds for local kids to frolic and enjoy lots of outdoor activities – the perfect antidote to my three boys’ massive energy! Registrations are just beginning and I’m going to get in there! My philosophy is, the more exhausted they are, the better off for everyone!

This year there are some great opportunities for nine to sixteen year olds (which more or less covers all three of my boys). The Capital Area Sportsmen for Youth Field Day on June 14 will make a great weekend activity – starts at 7 30 and ends at 3 00pm. Thankfully I’m past the days of early risers so we’ll probably find ourselves there at around 11. It’s perfect – especially for my oldest who is constantly complaining we only do stuff for the younger ones. They are going to do shooting, canoeing, fishing, archery and more. He’ll definitely have fun there.

So it’s a start. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled though for more Harrisburg clubs and their activities to keep boys busy and active this summer.

Harrisburg Clubs: Gambling News

gamblingLegislation was approved last week by the state House of Representatives to expand gambling into bars and taverns in Pennsylvania.  Social and fraternal clubs would also gain increased control of gaming revenue.

I personally am quite delighted by this.  I believe gambling goes on in the region anyway, so why not make it proper?  Legalize it.  It’s fun and doesn’t harm anyone.  And it’s about time.  As executive director of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage Association, Amy Christie pointed out, they have worked really hard on just this for over two-and-a-half decades to give small businesses a “more level playing field.”

Put the power back in the hand of the little guy I say, and give us all a great place to go – legally – to have fun at the end of a long working week.  The only fear is that other places that offer it legally will lose out.  Well, to them I say, rise to the challenge and make your legal gambling place better and we’ll choose that.

Increase competition and everyone benefits, and it seems like House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, R-Bradford Woods agrees with me.  He described gaming expansion as being a “matter of fairness for businesses holding restaurant liquor licenses.”  And still, there will be limits.  Tavern games will have to institute single prize limits of $2,000 per chance and licensees won’t be allowed to offer more than $35,000 in total prizes per week.

Bring it on!

Harrisburg Clubs for Comedy

gottfriedI feel like I need a bit of a laugh.  I’m tired and I’ve had a long summer. Things at work have been challenging.  In addition the kids were pretty bored when they spent a couple of weeks with me.  That got stressful. So now that things are back to normal, I want to do something for me and something that will take my mind off things.  Harrisburg clubs have definitely improved in the last few years so I’m excited to check out what’s going on.

I was glad to see that Gilbert Gottfried is performing this week at the one of Harrisburg clubs.  The Second Street Comedy Club also hosted Carmen Lynch last Saturday and I know that was a real hit. But I particularly liked Gottfried when he was a Saturday Night Live cast member so I’m sure it’ll be a blast.

I know that he’s been criticized for his somewhat dark humor at times (true, he probably did go over the top with the 9/11 digs) but I feel like it’s just what I need right now.  So I’m going to see if some of my mates want to join me this Saturday. Here’s hoping for a good laugh this coming weekend.  I sure do need it.