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Harrisburg Holiday Fun for All

It really is an event for Harrisburgians not to miss – the annual Harrisburg Holiday Parade.  And, just a few short weeks ago, due to major budgetary issues plaguing the city especially since its flooding – it really looked like it wasn’t going to happen.  But when it did, everyone in Harrisburg was sure glad about it.  People were lounging around in garden chairs, enjoying the music emanating from the marching bands and really having a jolly good time.

Harrisburg’s Budgetary Concerns

So it really is good that it took place.  But just a month ago, the city’s Mayor, Linda Thompson issued a written statement insisting that city events were not to use taxpayers money – if they were to go ahead, they needed to ensure their own funding.  Despite the obvious joy and frivolity in the air, it is a shame that sponsors are not coming forward as much as they should for such events.  At least, that was the case before Mayor Thompson issued her statement.  Following that, a bunch of sponsors provided funds amounting to $39,000 so that the parade could continue downtown.  Attendees were delighted and said it showed real “community spirit.”