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Millers Mutual Harrisburg Mile

I so wish I would have been there.  What a great thing to do, to take part in the Millers Mutual Harrisburg Mile.  Even a 10-month-old “ran” the race!  I just read that Elyse Byers was carried in a sling by mom Kelly Byers all the way from Maclay to Boas Street.  Now that really puts me to shame.  If she managed it, I for sure should have been able to do it. Just didn’t get my act together really.

In a sense it wasn’t the first time Kelly Byers had carried her baby in a race.  The year before – at 8 months pregnant with Elyse inside – she also did it!  This was the first time ever though that Kelly had run with her baby (who weighs 19 pounds) not inside of her.  It was only a day earlier that she actually even bought a sling.  But, of the little package, Byers said, “she was great.  She had her sippy cup, so she was happy.”  Apparently there were close to 1,800 participants.  Well, I’m definitely going to do it next year.