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Harrisburg Pike Postal Service to Close

It looks like Harrisburg is set to lose its mail processing and distribution center.  A study conducted by the U.S. Postal Service showed it makes more sense to move these operations to Dauphin County.  A public hearing is to be held next week at Centerville Middle School.  The Harrisburg Pike facility has been under review already for three months.  Following this, it seems it would be best to unite it with the LeGree Daniels Processing & Distribution Center in Harrisburg.  That would probably be the most preferable option for Harrisburg, and, in the past, consolidation is usually what happens in such situations.

It seems like Harrisburg is not alone in the possibility of losing its post office facilities.  A couple of months ago it was announced by the Postal Service that around 250 facilities might face closure as a way of cutting back on a huge infrastructure in the county that is failing to prove financial sustainability these days due to the fact that people are rarely relying on mail to communicate anymore.