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Harrisburg’s Finances Getting into Shape?

It seems that there has (finally in my opinion) been an attempt on the part of my city to finally fix up its disastrous finances.  Harrisburg recently hired John Campbell, allegedly a 23-year-old financial whiz, to sort things out, earlier this month. I’m just hoping for one thing right now, that improved finances will lead to more services – or resumed services, like the reopening of the Post Office – for us Harrisburg residents.

I was a little concerned when I learned that the guy is still in school though. He is studying for a double bachelor’s in business admin and economics though, so let’s hope he’s a top-rate student.  That made me realize just how young he is…or, just how old I am!

Apart from my small little gripes (like the Post Office), crime is on the increase in Harrisburg and there just isn’t much money around for basic street repairs, so clearly things have to change. It just remains to be seen if Campbell is up for the task, having supported the city’s bankruptcy claim. Mind you, I’m not sure what other choice he had. I sure don’t know what I would have done; not that I’m a financial whizz.

At least the man is enthusiastic and positive; Harrisburg certainly could do with an injection of that right now. Let’s just wait and see.