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Dating in Harrisburg

I have a date tonight.  I’m meeting up with the young lady I met at the New Year’s Eve bash I courageously went to.  Well, not young lady, I’ve been told; these days in the dating world you’re meant to say “the woman.”

I first considered taking her to Muncheese but then decided that was a bit “too cheesy” excuse the pun. After reading a few reviews, I finally decided on Squires Restaurant, which received a 5 star rating along with some great feedback.  It is very popular for business meetings (that’s how I know about it as a colleague of mine had been there from work) and is said to be very nicely laid out, with good service and excellent food.

As well, when I looked at the reviews, one of them specifically said that it was a good place to take someone special.  So I hesitated a little, because it is a first date and I didn’t want to go over-the-top and come across as creepy.  But then I decided to go for it.  I’m always hesitating and not taking the plunge and my therapist and I have discussed the fact that it is very important for me to exude more confidence when meeting new people. As well, when I learned about the fireplace at the restaurant, I figured if I was having problem showing warmth and getting the conversation going, maybe that would be a bit of a help.

So here’s hoping the date goes well and the food and atmosphere provide a good setting for it!