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Harrisburg to Raise Parking Rates?

That’s just what the city of Harrisburg needs right now after all it’s been through recently. First the whole city is flooded and now residents are going to be faced with additional fees whenever they go out and need to park their cars.  But perhaps this won’t be met with such distaste since according to Harristown Enterprises VP, Brad Jones, “everyone understands that the city “needs money right now.”  That may be the case, but there is not necessarily a consensus on how these monies should be raised.

Indeed, various local businessmen, such as McGrath Pub owner Tom Scott, are somewhat skeptical about the decision too.  As it is the current prices are hardly cheap, with downtown areas charging $1.50 every hour, requiring around six quarters at a time, forcing car owners to keep coming out to put more money in, further disrupting their day and thus their business too.  If prices increase, it would be almost double, to $2.50.  As well, free parking after 5pm during the week and over the weekend will end.

This is definitely not a popular move with small business owners in the city who feel it will harm their businesses.