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Cops N’ Community

There’s a workshop taking place today I’m planning on attending. It’s a meeting between police and the lay individuals in our Harrisburg community.  The goal is for communication between community and the police (me and them in other words) to be strengthened.  It’s funny; I’ve never had much of an opinion about the police – positive or negative – I’ve always been quite neutral.  But now that I’ve got kids, and being a single dad, I feel that I should get involved in as many community happenings as possible.  So I was really pleased to find out about this workshop – “Cops N’ Community.”

Apparently we’re going to learn about law enforcement from their point of view and also how to potentially pinpoint obstacles that are detrimental to our relationships as well as how to increase safety in the neighborhood.  So it’s off to the Heinz-Maker Senior Center for me later on.  Hope it’s productive.