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Harrisburg Hiking with Dani

Since Dani and I have now been on quite a few dates, I figured it might be time to do the hiking date.  It was suggested to me by my other friends who are dating, that hiking should be reserved for at least the fourth date as it could get a little intimate. So I figured – since Dani told me I’m her boyfriend – the timing was perfect.

We went to Bridal Veil Falls State Park.  It was my choice.  I have learned how important it is that I take initiative and so I’m trying to arrange as many of our dates as possible.  Dani seems to like that too.  So I packed us a nice picnic (one of the things Joanne and I never used when we were married was a lovely picnic hamper) and off we went.

It was absolutely stunning. There’s a lovely waterfall and a great view of the Columbia River that we took in before we set out on the hike.  We both decided we wanted to do a bit of a walk since that was really what this was all about – getting in some fresh air and exercise.  There were a few rocky spots along the way but that enabled me to hold Dani’s hand – she put it out for me – and I feel that created some intimacy that, so far, has been somewhat amiss in our romance.

Once we had walked a while and seen what we wanted to see, we sat down and started on the picnic.  When I had picked up Dani she said she had put something else into the hamper for me, and to my delight, it was a lovely chilled bottle of one of my favorite white wines – perfect for our picnic, hiking day out.