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Insane Growth of Harrisburg School District

It seems that there just isn’t enough room for all the Harrisburg kids to get an education as the situation stands right now.  The schools are literally bursting at the seams in Harrisburg and its middle and elementary school are really close to full capacity; hence they won’t have any room for expansion. As would be expected in such a situation, monies are needed once more.  In fact, the district is now asking its electorate to say “yes” to a $38 million bond.

As Rich Schneider, the school principal for the city’s Middle School pointed noted that once capacity is reached, either portables will have to be used or add-ons, both of which require finances.  According to Jim Holbeck, the city’s Superintendent, there is even the thought of bussing kids between schools but this would only “be a one-year fix and then we’ll be right back at the same place.”  Thus, as he concluded, “There’s no good plan B.”

It’s good news for Harrisburg of course, on the one hand, that the city is expanding so much as this suggests it’s a good place to live and especially to raise kids since so many of the people have school-age kids.  But clearly it’s a problem that warrants a solution, and, as in most of these instances, finances are needed and cue to Harrisburg’s recent flooding issues, not something that is so readily available.