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The Harrisburg Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial


So I just heard from an ex-colleague that a couple of days ago it was the 10th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  In commemoration of this event, there was a breakfast with a full program at the Harris-Pruett Building.  I wasn’t able to participate but Derek – my ex-colleague who is currently out of work – went and he said it was really good.


This year’s theme was “With Faith We Are Going to Make It,” which Derek said was incredibly inspirational.  I guess the fact that they provided a yummy fry-up breakfast wasn’t too bad either.  Although, truthfully, I thought the city was meant to be focusing on healthy eating and exercise in its “Race to the Moon” program that I mentioned last week.  So when I heard what he ate – bacon, sausages, eggs, biscuits and gravy with some fruit (which seemed to me like a bit of a token gesture rather than anything else) – I was a bit perturbed.


Still, I’m glad the event was so successful and that Derek was inspired. But, while he might have left with food-for-thought he probably also exited the event with a few more clogged arteries!  Come on Harrisburg, let’s get back on target with healthy eating and good workouts.