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“Third in the Burg” Celebration

Harrisburg residents have been invited to attend a preview of the State Museum of Pennsylvania’s exhibition “Making It Better: Folk Arts in Pennsylvania Today.”  The preview will take place on November 18 from 6 to 8 in the evening, featuring artist Ken Ely constructing a stone wall that will appear in the show.  Karla Armstrong and Friends will be performing gospel and country music with an autoharp made by George Orthey (whose harp will also appear in the exhibition).  It is to be part of the “third in the burg” celebration.

The actual exhibition will open two days later until April 29 of next year.  It will comprise photos and videos; music and interactive areas for visitors to experience Pennsylvania folk art traditions through all their senses.

Exhibition Features

There will be many different features at the exhibition.  The art displayed will come from throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania and represents all different traditions from around the world including a Slovenian accordion; an Aztec ritual flute; Italian bobbin lace; Tibetan sand mandalas and much more.  What can be learned through the exhibition is that while so much art has such a long history, it is still relevant in 21st century modern times.