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The Good People of Harrisburg

The people of Harrisburg seem to be really showing their (good) true colors as of late.  Just last week Susan Corbett – Pennsylvania’s first lady – decided to really put her words of kindness into action when she gave her staff the day off!  It was Thanksgiving and she wanted the employees of the official Governor’s Residence to really have a jolly good time, without having to worry about work. So, she took to the kitchen and prepared her own Thanksgiving meal – so that her staff could truly enjoy theirs – in a really relaxed way, spending lots of quality time with their families.

More goodwill was seen in the Harrisburg community by the Jewish congregation of Kesher Israel.  Since not everyone is able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with family, a project was developed by the congregation to feed first responders.  Seven turkeys and many pounds of sides were donated to these hardworking, dedicated individuals.  A local chef who was in charge of the project – Mark Powers – said, “it is a sacrifice – no, it’s a pleasure.”  Another volunteer said that they deserve this as they are giving up being with friends and family and instead, keeping the neighborhoods safe.

Harrisburg has now been providing a Thanksgiving dinner to fire and police departments for a decade, following an inspiration from the 9/11 tragedy.  It was a way of saying “thanks” to these crucial, helpful workers on Thanksgiving.  According to Synder, Harrisburg Bureau of Fire Battalion Chief, “it’s a special day and they take time out of their own lives to provide a nice meal for us.  We are very grateful for that.”