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Harrisburg JCC Performance

I was pretty proud of my middle kid this last Sunday.  He was one of the performers at our local JCC. I was so glad he was able to do this, especially given the flood damage the center encountered over the summer.  But I guess that’s partly why the whole thing happened anyway.  It was meant as a performance-cum-fundraiser.  That’s what I love about this city – a bunch of us just grouped together to try and help with some of the center’s losses; after all, it is OUR community center.

Anyway Zach featured in the “Kids Care” musical showcase which raised money toward refurbishing the flood-damaged JCC. I thought this was great since it enabled him to perform, but also showed him the importance of doing something for an important cause.  Even if you are not able to give money, you can show your support in other ways, I felt was the lesson.

The kids sang songs from popular musicals including “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Wicked.”  It was really nice to see so many people – especially the kids – banding together to save the JCC, giving their time and talents.  And we heard later that over $11,000 was raised from the evening!