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Harrisburg: Less Construction, Less Elevators?

When construction is down, what are those in the elevator business meant to do to protect their income?  Clearly if no-one is building (as seem to be the case recently in the city of Harrisburg), no-one is going to be needing the service of an elevator company.  Well, that was the fear of an elevator company working in the city of Harrisburg amongst other place.  But Kone Corp decided to get savvy and creative and came up with the idea of purchasing the elevator maintenance and service companies dotted around the nation that work with close to a million elevators!

Good for Kone Corp.  The Finland-based company recently announced that it had bought Quality Elevator Sales & Service Inc., of Pennsauken.  According to the company, this recent purchase will “solidify” the company’s business presence in the Harrisburg and Philadelphia areas.  The new company acquisition marks Kone Corp’s second acquisition in the Philadelphia area; its first being FairWay Elevator Inc., which has 45 employees.