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Harrisburg Remains Popular Despite Crime Levels

It may seem that it’s all bad news in Harrisburg – what with flooding, financial debt and crime on the up – but it also is becoming quite evident that nothing will deter the loyal people of the city.  Unfortunately however, the police has had to put in additional patrols in the uptown and midtown areas due to more break-ins and robberies, obviously costing Harrisburg extra money – money that it doesn’t really have.

Restaurants, stores and the Midtown Cinema are still attracting lots of trade.  People are clearly not being deterred by the increase in crime.  As well, it seems that even though there have been more break-ins and similar crime, there has been less violent crime in Harrisburg since last year.  Clearly violence is thus more off-putting than robberies.

Hopefully this news indicates that the city of Harrisburg will continue to thrive and that the police will get the crime under control as soon as possible.

Harrisburg: A Decade in the Movies

Harrisburg’s Midtown Cinema will next week be celebrating 10 years in the business. To mark this milestone, it will be offering discount tickets and free refreshments in the lobby.  This is obviously fun, but there is some concern as to what will become of the cinema within the next year and whether celebrations will abound for its 11th anniversary.

According to the co-manager of the theater, located on Reily Street, Kevyn Knox, “we are doing drastically less business this year than we did last year.  I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s all the stories about the supposed crime wave in Harrisburg.”

Currently up for viewing is a Lars von Trier film called “Melancholia” that could be up for an Oscar.  There are some film buffs who go and catch a movie or two as well, like Clark Nicholson who is also the director for Harrisburg’s Gamut Theatre Group.  Although in theory everyone would like to go to the theater, when it comes down to it, it’s usually more talk than action and thus finances are very tight and unstable for the movie-theater.  However, according to GreenWorks Development senior VP Matt Tunnell, currently there are no plans to close it down.  GreenWorks Development bought the theater five years ago in an effort to revitalize midtown Harrisburg.

So, if you happen to be scouting around Harrisburg for something fun to do whilst supporting a worthy organization, on December 3 you might want to visit the Midtown Cinema and take in a movie for a mere $5.  And, while you’re there, munch on a bucket of popcorn as you check out upcoming performances that are coming to town.