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Mourning Davenport Green

So our city is now mourning Naomi Davenport Green who passed away age 88, at the end of last month, at the Harrisburg hospital.  She was Harrisburg’s first ever African-American police officer, served in the Air Force and Navy, and was an usher at Camp Curtin Memorial Mitchell United Methodist Church, where she was the Uptown Soup Kitchen’s director.  The funeral – described as a “celebration of her life” – took place on May 4.

Since I didn’t know all that much about her but kept reading little snippets in the local news, I decided to do a bit of research. I learned that she gave a lot of her time to the community, volunteering to help those less fortunate.  It seems thus that she will be very missed as a lovely lady, having been described in her guest book by Harrisburg citizen George Mehaffie, as being “No. 1 on my list of amazing people.”

IMHO, Harrisburg can never have too many people like Naomi Davenport Green.  May she Rest In Peace.