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Improving Harrisburg Fitness

walking-school-busSince I am trying to not only get myself fit, but also my kids, I was delighted to read about the grants being given to improve the overall levels of Harrisburg fitness.  While of course the schools’ program won’t affect my kids (since they go to schools by their mom’s), the community-based groups initiatives do have the potential to help them reach higher levels of fitness when they come on weekends.

This initiative was established by the Department of Health in the region and the Penn State Hershey PRO Wellness Center.  The idea was to give community groups funds for sporting activities to enhance overall Harrisburg fitness.   The long-term goal is to encourage all students – even those with disabilities – to walk or cycle to school and other activities.

I totally agree with the statement made by Michael Wolf, Secretary of Health on enhancing Harrisburg fitness.  He said, “the administration’s goal of a healthier Pennsylvania starts with our children.  While we encourage all Pennsylvanians to be more physically active, we know the importance of instilling healthy habits in our children, as they are more likely to become healthy adults.”  Close to $90,000 is being put into this program.  I think it’s wonderful.