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Are We Going Back to the Mesozoic Era?

dinosaurThat being (in case you didn’t know), the time of the dinosaurs.  In Harrisburg it seems we might be going back in time 65 million years ago as dinosaurs visit the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center.

The new exhibition – called ‘Discover the Dinosaurs’ – lets visitors come face to face with T-Rex, the Stegosaurus, the Velociraptor and other dinosaurs from that time.  This is a dream come true for my kids at least and I’m sure a bunch of other children.

It’s especially great that the exhibition is in Harrisburg, PA since traditionally Pennsylvania has been a somewhat aggravating state for those who love dinosaurs.  Even though the area has been home to the likes of ceratopsians, raptors and tyrannosaurs’ during Mesozoic times, there are minimal footprints that remain and absolutely no fossils.

Perhaps therefore this new exhibition will shed some light on one of my kids’ favorite hobbies…second only to Lego!

Harrisburg Encounters Excessive Carbon Monoxide Levels

The Pennsylvania Farm Show complex was forced to close the Mid-Atlantic Antique Tractor Super Pull event over the weekend, after extremely high levels of carbon monoxide made tens of people sick. Thereafter, one test showed that the levels were up to four times of what is considered safe.  One of these individuals even had to be treated at the hospital, but was released the same day.  According to Michael Horst (the city’s Bureau of Fire Battalion Chief), it was caused by the modern fuel that was burning from the antique tractors.  Indeed, as soon as these tractors entered the building, the carbon monoxide sensors were ignited.  Currently, Harrisburg’s Agriculture Department is looking into what happened and will be filing a report on the matter.