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Getting in Some True Irish Entertainment

When I relocated to Harrisburg a few months ago after the divorce, the last thing I could ever imagine doing was ever going out again, especially in an evening, to a pub or something else resembling entertainment.  I just couldn’t picture myself being happy again I guess.  I figured I’d just be one of those sad middle-aged men who sat at home with a microwave meal for one and see out the end of my days.

Thankfully it’s really true what they say about time healing.  Over the last month or so I’ve really changed my tune.  Now I’m always looking for something to do – with or without the kids.  And so I was absolutely thrilled when I recently discovered McGrath’s – the coolest Irish pub ever – right here in Harrisburg.  It really is great and it’s the city’s first ever real McDeal – true, authentic Irish pub.

The pub has been around for a while too; it opened nearly 10 years ago.  But I just hadn’t heard about it.  Now though, since the divorce is no longer so raw, after a long day at the office, especially when I’m alone (which is most nights; the kids just visit every other weekend and some Tuesdays), I love unwinding there.  It’s very friendly and pretty green too; so it just gives you an all-round feeling of feel good.  The brews are great and the food isn’t bad either, but truthfully I go for the mellow, relaxation element that you always get in a good Irish pub; no-one is judging me; everyone is there to chill out and unwind.  What more could one ask for? Perfect.