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Harrisburg’s Best Bull Rider

Harrisburg’s 19-year-old Devon Weaver is one of the city’s top bull riders.  He explains though that no matter how much you study a bull it will not help you become any more expert in your sport since bulls are inherently unpredictable.   The only way to get real wise according to Weaver, is getting thrown off – as then you’ll try whatever you can to stop repeating that event!

The man is pretty much addicted to bull riding.  In an article in Penn Live he said simply, “it’s something I have to do. I can’t tell you why.”  He talks of the challenge and the adrenalin but not so much about the enjoyment of it.  He has  been thrown a bunch of times but it seems he feels that is just par for the course.

Rodeo Finals

Just yesterday, Weaver took on one of his biggest challenges at the Rodeo Finals at the Farm Show complex.  For most, it could be pretty nerve-wracking, but for Weaver, it was all in a day’s work; the same as any other competition. As well, it is so much more than just about winning.  He’s there, simply because he “loves it.”